Travel Technology Summit 2018

The increase in Gross Disposable Income coupled with internet penetration & accessibility of Smart Phones has helped drive the Indian Travel sector's growth. In the same retrospect, it is estimated that the Indian Passenger Market is projected to grow to $48 billion by 2020 i.e. at a growth rate of 11-11.5 per cent. This has lead to an intensification of competition not only to gain but also retain the customers amongst all the players of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry. This situation has been further aggravated by Omnipresent Technology which has become the cornerstone of the experience delivery. To differentiate themselves, existing players are honing the ways to personalise customer experience, build loyalty, automate operations and gain deeper insights on the customers. This deep customer focus is also blurring the lines between business and leisure travel.

This summit aims to provide a platform for an immersive discussion of these trends, challenges & consequences of digital travel. Thus providing a better & clear picture of the future scenarios.


Key Topics

Insights into the future scope of Industry growth - Regulatory Perspective

Unravelling the thought process of the digital traveller

Five Key Themes of advancements in the travel namely - Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Mobile Applications, Social Media and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Emerging Partnership Ecosystem within the industry

Managing Customer Experience, Expectation & Loyalty in the current digital age

Understanding the Omnichannel experience delivery

Who Should Partner?

  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Mobile Application Service Providers
  • Booking Engine Service Providers
  • Analytics Service Providers/Big Data Service Providers
  • IoT Service Providers
  • AI Service Providers
  • Digital Marketing Services & Insight Providers
  • Cyber Security Service Providers

Why One Should Partner?

This summit brings together the different stakeholders of the entire ecosystem of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality domain under one roof. Thus enabling companies with a platform to showcase their offerings & to connect with these key decision makers. This would help them gain the undivided attention of their prospective consumers. (Please do use the diagram & points designed by you on biosimilar website)

Who Should Attend?

Airlines Tourism Companies Online Travel Agents Travel Agents Vehicle Aggregators Hotels

Information Technology Information Security / Data Security Marketing Data Science Business HeadsSalesCustomer Experience Customer ServiceDigital Marketing

CEOs & from all of the above departments e.g. CIO CISO CMO Heads of Departments/Business Data Science Officers Executive Vice Presidents Senior Vice Presidents Vice Presidents Assistant Vice Presidents General Managers Dy. Manager

Event Partners

Platinum Partner

Gold Partner

Silver Partner

Associate Partner

Exhibit Partner

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